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Child Custody Investigator

Child Custody Investigations

If you are a parent who recently went through a divorce, we understand that your biggest concern is to win the custody of your child. But to do so – You Need Hard Evidence to prove your ex-spouse’s incompetency in the eyes of the law. We at Sharp Intuitions Investigations specialize in handling such cases. A child custody investigator can help you find factual evidence to prove your claims.

​Let Us Help You Gain Your Child’s Custody

​Our investigations revolve around collecting evidence through strict surveillance. We will analyze the Parent’s Interaction With The Child and document any pattern of physical, verbal, or emotional abuse. We may also carry out investigations to find evidence about the parent’s Drug And Alcohol History. Likewise, we may carry out an extensive criminal or background check. In most cases, our agents exercise their authority to evaluate the parent’s financial health. If the finding suggests that the parent is financially unfit to provide for the child, then The Narrative Will Ultimately Shift In Your Favor.