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With the dream of emerging as a Private Investigator, I grabbed every opportunity that came my way. I managed teams of private investigators, worked alongside attorneys and the general public. 

19 years later, I was well mentored and network with panel of like-minded Private Detectives and laid the foundations of Sharp Intuitions Investigations. Owing to the hard work and dedication, today,the company is well-reputed in and around Georgia for its effective Private Investigator services.

If you are eager to prove your spouse’s disloyalty or want to prevent your ex-spouse from winning your child’s custody, contact us.

Mission And Vision

To provide clients with hard facts without compromising their safety. We thrive on emerging as the leading player in the realm of Private Investigations.  

Work Ethic

Being professional investigators at heart, I manage our cases with finesse. Assigned to the Owner only with an extensive portfolio of handling similar cases. I brings valuable information and contributes to the success of the case. Cutting-edge investigator tools and supplies that enable them to reach the bottom of every issue without any lags or interruptions.  

It’s a passion and luxury to work my dream job. But as for me, I wake up every day to do what I love. It all started when I joined the Private Investigator Association in 2001. I was intrigued by how Private Detectives and Investigators collected evidence to reach the bottom of the case; it was nothing short of a real-life thriller move. 

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Experienced Private Investigator.

Sharp Intuitions Private Investigation is only committed to Child Custody Investigations and Divorce Investigations. Sharp Intuitions Investigations has helped numerous clients make educated decisions about their marital lives. This has lead to leverage and a piece of mind. An extensive portfolio of collected factual evidence and assisting clients gain leverage and to prove their claims in the eyes of the law.


We go at great lengths to win the trust of our clients. Our foremost concern is to ensure that the client’s personal information is not shared with a third party. Once you choose our Private Investigation, you can be sure that your confidentiality will not be compromised.NOR WILL YOUR VIDEO OR PICTURES BE USED FOR PROMOTION.

What Can We Do For You?

At Sharp Intuitions Investigations, we are dedicated to Uncovering The Truth. If you doubt that your partner is cheating on you– do not fret! The Private Investigator will go undercover and collect factual evidence, so you can prove your partner guilty before the law. Likewise, if you require assistance in winning the custody of your child from your incompetent ex-spouse, we can help you. Our agents will employ advanced databases to gather Credible Evidence so you can prove your stance.